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Chronic Pain can have many beginnings, from muscle strain to a broad array of problems from a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, so it is important to determine what may be the causing the Chronic Pain. When you have Chronic Pain, the first step is to be properly diagnosed with a primary care provider and to get a second opinion. Most clinic appointments can be simply setup by an appointment.
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York Rehab & Pain Consultants(717) 718-9459
1600 6th Ave Ste 110York, PA6.75
Pain Medicine Of York(717) 848-3979
2080 Springwood RdYork, PA6.75
Pain Relief Ctr(717) 812-2055
400 Pine Grove CommonsYork, PA6.75
Oss Pain Management(717) 747-8303
1855 Powder Mill RdYork, PA8.66
Oss Pain Management(717) 848-4800
1855 Powder Mill RdYork, PAwww.orthospinesp.com8.66
Hillside Pain Management(717) 632-5478
250 Fame Ave Ste 101Hanover, PAwww.hanoverpain.com14.44
Hanover Anesthesiology & Pain(717) 632-9955
250 Fame Ave Ste 102Hanover, PA14.44
Lancaster General Pain Mgmt(717) 544-3197
2100 Harrisburg PikeLancaster, PA25.19
Pain Medicine & Rehab Spec(717) 560-4480
160 N Pointe BlvdLancaster, PA25.19
Lancaster General Pain Mgmt(717) 290-3197
2100 Harrisburg PikeLancaster, PA25.19
Pain Treatment Ctr-Lancaster(717) 285-0470
3543 Marietta AveLancaster, PA25.19

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